Self-Knowledge: Who Am I?

Self-knowledge is a journey of discovering our own self-worth and how to manage ourselves. It can be scary to explore the unknown. Yet keeping parts of ourselves hidden drains our energy and creativity and is a loss of potential. In order for us to find out who we really are, developing curiosity is a necessity.

If we allow ourselves to see ourselves in a negative way we end up depressed and hopeless. Most people have low self-esteem because they do not know themselves. We need to learn about all the pluses and minuses of our personality. The more positive information we gather about ourselves, the easier it will be to make positive decisions. We constantly focus on what we are not. We compare ourselves to others with the unconscious purpose to find something wrong and inadequate with us. We feel jealous, inferior and never good enough. Our energy needs to be diverted.

Ask yourself the question several times today. Do not try too hard to answer it, just learn to be curious. Let the answer to come to you.

What are my good points?

What do I think about myself?

How do I feel about myself?

How do I care about myself?

What way do I support myself?

What way am I good to myself?

What makes me feel good about myself?

What makes me get down on myself?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

How do I begin my day?

How do I end my day?

Do I spend much time thinking about myself and what way do I think?

Do my good feelings about who am I stem from being liked by other people?

Does my self-esteem go up and down according to what others think of me?

Do I constantly wait for other people to validate how I look or feel?

Are people’s opinions of my worth more than my own?

Is my mental attention focused on solving people’s problems?

Do I worry more about how other people feel instead of how I feel myself?

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