Self-discipline in Your Recovery

Most people with ED do have negative meaning to the word self-discipline. Many people confuse self-discipline with controlling; there is a big difference. Discipline refers to activities or routine that develops or improves skills or change behaviours. Self-discipline in recovery means training ourselves to be firm with ED and let go the condition and make balance choices in our life. Becoming self-disciplined is a core part of mental wellness. It helps us to realise where do we procrastinate and where do we need to pay more attention.

Self-discipline helps us to make recovery happens and when we wanted to happen.

What is self-discipline for you?

How self-disciplined in your recovery are you?

How much self-discipline is around you?

Does your indiscipline include taking too much on?

How do you apply self-discipline in your nourishment?

How would more self-discipline improve your life?

Are reflections and learning part of your self-discipline?

Is being in a present moment part of your self-discipline?

How can you use recovery self-discipline to let go fears and to trust more?

Let’s take baby steps first, which little things could become part of your ‘Recovery self-discipline’?