Self Discipline and Contentment


Written by Starlight

‘Commitment is pushing yourself when no one else is around’

Group/Recovery class on Tuesday was about Self Discipline and Contentment. Honestly not two words I would have ever put together so I was interested to see how the group would unfold.

When I began thinking about these two words together I wanted to personalise it and see how I could apply it to me.

I think for a while my definition of contentment was a little hijacked and went a bit over board with nights out and doing things that didn’t bring me much contentment and put myself under a lot of pressure to do everything in the hope of pleasing people and for the fear of missing out. (FOMO).

So I had to ask myself what actually brings me contentment – and at different times and depending how I’m feeling/thinking different things will bring me contentment. I do enjoy going out and having a drink with my friends but in moderation, going on adventures and nice walks and hikes around Ireland, having a bath, putting on nice moisturiser, looking up quotes, going to group, laughing and being with my friends, music and going to concerts and comedy gigs.

When I’m self-discipline with my recovery, self-care, social media time, nutrition and bed time -> I am actually more content and feel more grounded and rested and understand my thoughts and actions more.

Self-discipline in my recovery and taking care of myself allows me to actually enjoy the things that bring me joy because I’m more present and can take in what’s going on around me. It allows me to be an active driver in my life rather than a back seat passenger just passing through without questioning anything and if this is how I want to live!

I get contentment from being in a sound & calm mind, being present, getting out in nature and connection.

From Group/Recovery class I realised I want to have more discipline listening to my body.  Put a stop to the interfering BS condition tries to dictate with. Sometimes I like to complicate things but it’s as simple as being discipline to put a stop to the BS and take the recovery action and listen to what the body wants and needs. I had to really take this on board the last few days as I got a 24 hour bug and I found it so challenging to sit in and take care of myself. But I decided to rest and watch movies for the day because it was what my body needed.

Some other learnings from group/Recovery class included:

  1. If you have a negative connotation with the word Self-Discipline you can change it to self-commitment , because really they’re the same thing! Being self-discipline in recovery is a commitment to take care of yourself and act with your best interest at heart. One freedom fighter had a lovely analogy, she said that she began thinking of the disciples as they had such self-discipline and they choose how they wanted to live and what they wanted to believe in and committed themselves and their lives to it. I thought this was absolutely genius and I wouldn’t consider myself a religious person at all but its inspiring as we can choose freedom and commit ourselves to the journey to achieve it
  2. Have discipline in not accepting anything less than full freedom,  don’t settle for a mediocre life.
  3. Have discipline with the condition thoughts and automatic thoughts- ANSWER THEM BACK. It may be exhausting but so is living with a demon in your head 😛
  4. There is no need to join in the conditions and self-doubt that may surround us in work, school or college. Be different. Anyone can have a condition these days it’s the easy way out from taking responsibility for life so instead be the light and inspiration in the world and be the unique you.
  5. Contentment is in the now.
  6. I realised that Discipline means different things for different people for example walking to work may be good for some people but for others it’s important to have the discipline to say no to that walk because it’s not good for you. No One Rule applies to everyone.
  7. Be Discipline with yourself about taking on too much. Go easy on yourself, life can’t be all work and no play. #BALANCE

So to some up what does Self- Discipline mean to me?

  • Doing/Committing to what’s right for me- even if it means disappointing people sometimes.
  • Being more organised in all areas in my life – with Sessions, Work, Nutrition, self-care (keeping room tidy, taking pride in my clothes and how I present myself, plan outfits the night before, watching power, massage and giving myself that green self-talk 🙂
  • Have fun and pride in taking ownership of doing what’s right for me.
  • Having a good night’s sleep.
  • Put away the phone an hour before bed.
  • Saying NO sometimes,  I can’t go to/do everything.
  • Listening to advice given to me and not what I hear elsewhere.