Seeing The Good In Everyone

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to get him to reveal his own.’

(Benjamin Disraeli)

Eating Distress can make you very self-conscious. Today will be a day when you take time out from this way of thinking. From the time you get up you will look for something positive in everybody you meet or think about. For example take the first person you come cross this morning. Maybe your parents, or your spouse, or your flat-mates. Think about them and find something nice about them that you like. Tell them that. Even if you have problems receiving compliments yourself, don’t let that stop you from giving them to others. Apart from making them feel good it can help them to learn about themselves, and to see their good side. Being positively orientated is also one of the best ways of weakening your negative condition. You can also rest assured that by going around with the aim of seeing the best in people and making them feel good about themselves. You’re guaranteed to have a pretty wonderful day too!

Affirmation for today: I deserve to feel good today.

From ‘Recovery Now’