Resentment and Recovery – Class 28/5/2016

Do you ever feel people are luckier then you? When we are recovering from an Eating Distress many of us feel that everyone around us is luckier or has it easier then we do. When we have alot of victim language in our self-talk strong resentment can often surface. This emotion can be very destructive if we are not open to learning from it.

During Recovery fro Eating Distress (ED) we often can experience alot of different type of resentments. This emotion is very unpleasant and it can bring up alot of anger, frustration and self-pity. It is a complete energy drainer. Resentment keeps us in a rigid judgment of who “should” and “shouldn’t” get or experience certain things in life. The emotion comes from replaying situations over and over in our head without any questioning or learning attached to it.

Feeling resentment often come from alot of comparing and thinking that others have it better or easier than we do. Having higher expectations of people and yourself can also be a contributing factor.

It comes from feeling not ‘good enough’ and thinking that people do not do enough for us either. It is an absence of forgiveness and lack of understanding in terms of limitations.

Letting go of resentment is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and a very important step in order to free yourself.

Some helpful suggestions:

Acknowledge that you are feeling resentment

Remind yourself that resentment is just another ‘drama’ strategy

Remind yourself that the only person you can control is you

Ask yourself: “What am I leaning from this situation?”

Ask yourself what you would like to feel instead

Work on Acceptance

Put a situation in perspective