Recovery Suggestions in 4 Words or Less!


written by Aurelia

The beginning is hardest.

Then it gets easier.

Don’t give up.

Have fun with it.

Spread hope where possible.

Learn to simplify.

Less talk, more action.

Learn the freedom lingo.

Reassure yourself every day.

Give yourself credit.

Go to bed early.

Answer the condition back.

Listen to uplifting songs.

Watch more TED talks.

Explore a new hobby.

Stay in the present.

Less trying, more doing.

Crawl if you must.

Count your blessings.

Write daily gratitude lists.

Collect role models.

Let free you speak!

Get curious.

Be open to change.

Ditch the overanalysing.

Walk (slowly) in nature.

Don’t scare yourself.

Look at the birds.

Say hello to strangers.

Say yes to opportunity.

Meet friends; don’t isolate.

Make health a priority.

Answer with ‘at least…’

Criticise yourself less.

Stop saying ‘I can’t…’

Prioritise self care.

Embrace your sensitivity.

Give trust a chance.

Do as you’re told.

Floss your mind everyday.

Nourish every few hours.

Ban unnecessary apologising.

Share your opinions.

Dare to dream.

Search out hope.

Stop comparing.

Prioritise your journey.

Cry the condition out.

Let it go.

Free yourself of shame.

Embrace your differences.

Speak the truth.

Overdose on kindness.

Live in candle abundance.

Don’t shy from challenges.

Ask questions.

Collect realisations.

Remember you are loved.

Remember we care.