small things

Recovery Is Learning To Enjoy The Small Things In Life

People who have a positive outlook on life tend to remember the good things that have happened to them and brush off the bad.

The great Leonard Bernstein, conductor and pianist, once said that if he missed a day practicing the piano he would notice it, if he missed two days, his agent would notice it, if he missed three days his audience would notice.

We become better at any task by doing it repeatedly. Only by doing something repeatedly do we understand what is required to do the task well. In putting our faith in life and nature into action, we nurture and develop our Recovery and our Freedom. Being aware of the small, pleasurable moments in each day is important, as these remind us what we feel like when we are experiencing pleasure.

It is important that we monitor our daily activities. When we take a moment to look back over our day – what we did, whom we did it with, what tasks we undertook, what chores we got done.

It helps to break our activities down into the things that gave us a lift, made us feel good about ourselves and energise us.

Recovery can be thinking about how we can make more time for the things that uplifted us, so these can sustain us during the times when things do not go as smoothly.

Over time, we will start to appreciate that it is those small moments, which we often take for granted that sustain us.

Recovery doesn’t need to be always a hard work. It can be just more noticing beauty in small things around us and a lot of repetition.