Personal Insurance in Your Recovery

We insure everything nowadays to protect what is important to us against harm. Life insurance, health insurance, holiday insurance, car insurance, phone insurance. We go through the tedious paperwork, reading the small print, checking every detail to make sure we are getting the best insurance possible. It is a lot of work but we do it because these things are valuable to us and we want to protect them.

What about our personal and spiritual insurance?

How do you insure your Recovery?

What steps do we take to protect those?

Are they not just as valuable to us as our property?

In the past, what measures have you taken to protect yourself personally and spiritually?

Were they effective/ ineffective?

If you were to take an insurance policy to protect you from personal/ spiritual harm, what would you like it to say?

What or who do you most need to be protected against?

What do you need to do to feel safe?

It is time to invest time to your Recovery Insurance Plan:)