Our Hands


The first part of your body to reveal a lot about you is your hands. Hands are often neglected. We collect stomach exercises; thigh-sculpting exercises but we rarely pay much attention to our hands.

They are often our first physical contact with other people. They do a lot of hard work, they do all the writing, and they can play beautiful music and many more things.

Make today the day when you become aware of your hands.

Look at your hands as if you are seeing them for the first time, and be creative. Rub in some nice hand cream, try different rings, or paint your nails different colours.

You might discover that even if you do not like many parts of your body, there are other parts, which are very nice and they are the ones, which need your attention as well.

Looking after your hands and nails can be very good way of making yourself feel nice and more attractive.

Do it now.

The more I like all the parts of my body, the more loveable it becomes.