Obstacles & Recovery – Learning from Recovery Class 23/7

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think.

Norman V. Peal

Recovery from an Eating Distress is a challenging process. Often we can feel stuck on this journey and sometimes find it difficult to move forward. Finding motivation is very important, but not always enough. When faced with barriers and obstacles in Recovery, anxieties can often occur which can lead to slow progress. Awareness and dealing with these obstacles can make the recovery journey lighter and brighter.

One of the most common barriers to the recovery process are:

  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of the condition
  • Pressure from people around us
  • Not giving enough HOPE
  • Being seen as label
  • Using weighing scales and setting targets that a person has to meet
  • Seeing condition as a ‘young girls illness’
  • Carers not dealing with their own fears
  • Lack of rapport with the sufferer
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Promoting values that connect self-worth to body shape
  • Weight loss programs excluding the weight of self-esteem and worth
  • Normalising abnormalities
  • Unrealistic expectations from others and of yourself
  • Lack of motivation

What are your obstacles and barriers to recovery at this time?

How can we transfer these obstacles to opportunities?

Have you ever grown stronger from facing potential obstacles in the past?

What did you learn from this process?