not good enough

Not Good Enough Syndrome

In my opinion I think the eating disorder is not very helpful name. There is so much more to this condition than just distorted eating patterns. The distorted eating is just a symptom of much deeper issues in people’s mind.

Something that all people with ED have common is that they started to feel not good enough at very early age, long time before any disturbances in their behaivour around nourishment occurred.

When we realise that we always felt not good enough, it is easier to see what we need to work on to recover. We need to learn that we all are enough, we are and were always enough. So easy to say, it takes time to practice, but it can be done and it really is worth learning that we are enough, life is enough, feeling enough is a Freedom, learning to feel enough is a Recovery.

There was never a point where we stopped being good enough, but rather a point when as a society we became more competitive and externally driven thereby creating the opportunity to feel not good enough. Long ago human focus was on basic survival. But we’ve shifted our focus from surviving to thriving in a fast-paced, ego-driven world. We spend so much of our adult life trying to feel good about ourselves. There is always something that we’d like to be more, better, or different in our lives. Being “the best” at something is what many consider to be a key ingredient to success in life which is why the bar has been set so high. The constant opportunity to compare ourselves to others, and a competitive culture is the perfect recipe for not-good enough syndrome. It is a sub-conscious belief ‘I’m not good enough, and nothing I do is ever good enough’. The result is that you feel dissatisfied with yourselves, and with everything you ever do. It is a hard existence! If you have this belief, you will find it very difficult to complete anything (because, if you complete it, it will not be good enough… at least, if it is incomplete, you have an excuse.) You may go from project to project, never be able to rest, admire your creation, say ‘I did that!’ and feel proud. Your negative belief will be projected outwards and you will feel dissatisfied with your partner, your friends. Nothing about them will be ‘good enough’ either.

‘I’m not good enough, and nothing I ever do is ever good enough’ is a total negation of self. The entire self has been rejected, and consigned to the scrap heap. 

It is time to make a change and to start to enjoy being good enough!

It is your Birthright!!!!

From now on start to list all the things you are good enough….:):):)

Enclosing very interesting article about ‘Enoughness‘, hope you will find it helpful