A Negativity-Free Day

Courage is not freedom from fear. It is being afraid and still going on.

Do you prefer to see bad news or good news on television or in the papers?

Bad news is usually more available and more interesting to many people, and good news stories are usually a rarity. Did you know that people with Eating Distress are extremely sensitive people and they absorb negativity around them on a subconscious level much more?

To abstain from negativity can actually help our Recovery. Why not start today? If you buy a newspaper today look only for good news. Do not read or listen to anything negative. You cannot change it anyway. If you listen to the radio and negative news comes on, switch to another station. Music can be more relaxing. If somebody starts to tell you some bad news, ask them to tell you some good news instead.

If you practise this exercise you will see that there are lots of good things happening. We need only to look for them.

Enjoy your Negativity-free  DayđŸ™‚