Marino Schools Initiative Project

Eating Distress is a condition that is widely misunderstood and often neglected.

The Marino Therapy Centre was founded by Marie Campion in 1991, the centre has years of experience working with Eating Distress throughout schools in Ireland. Due to increased demand the centre has launched MSIP, a project aimed to raise awareness among teachers, pupils, parents and friends.

M.S.I.P have carefully designed a range of talks to meet the growing concern for further information and understanding of Eating Distress. The talks accommodate pupils of all ages and cover the following topics:

· What is Eating Distress

· Who is affected by Eating Distress

· How can we help

· The role of schools in recovery

· Young men and Eating Distress

. The role of Internet in Recovery 

· How family and friends can help

Each talk last for 1 hour however the speaker will remain after the talk for anyone who has questions or wants to speak privately.

All talks are delivered in a friendly, safe environment and the team at the Marino Therapy Centre endeavour to provide the required treatment, aftercare and support.

To secure a booking you can email us at or . Should you require further information on The Marino Therapy Centre and the services they provide, feel free to contact Gerry Campion on +353-1-8576901.

We look forward to hearing from you.