Look after your hair!

The number of people suffering from Eating Distress who are affected with hair loss in on increase. This situation can be very distressing, but it can be turned to a great motivation for Recovery.

According to our bodies, our hair and nails are not vital to survival; they are one of the first things to be affected if the body does not have enough resources to go around. There are many possible reasons for hair loss and lack of nourishment is one of them. Our nutritional intake is very important for hair growth. Without the B vitamins and sufficient iron, zinc and protein, hair growth may be less than ideal. If you are on antacids, they may adversely affect your ability to digest protein. It takes about three to four month for changes to take place in the quality of your hair, as the new hairs have to grow long enough to make a difference. Becoming very strict vegan or vegetarian, which is so common for people with Eating Distress. This may be a major factor as well. The body takes time to get used to picking up zinc and iron from plant rather than from animal sources. Starvation and many other ED behaviours and the cause of thyroid imbalances. Both over and under-functioning of the thyroid gland can contribute to hair loss.

Stress uses up valuable nutrients such as the B vitamins, lack of which will have a knock-on effect on hair growth. Stress also causes scalp tension, which tightens the follicles and may cause shedding, and which restricts the amount of oxygen and other nutrients being delivered to the scalp in the blood stream. Solutions would be to use gentle head massage, get plenty of fresh air and exercise to stimulate your circulatory system, and to address the stress itself. If the causes of stress cannot be avoided, use fresh herb tinctures like Avena Sativa, Valerian or vitamin B complex to calm you nervous system. A lack of silica may also be a problem. Silica is necessary for the rebuilding of all connective tissue, including hair, skin and nails. Supplementing with Silicea for three to four month will improve hair thickness, skin tone and elasticity and nail strength. Excessive exercising and lack of nourishment are contributing to hormone imbalance. When our hormones are all over the place, the hair quality worsens and your hair become thinner or start to fall out.

We have two ways of motivating ourselves – to something what we want or from something we do not want.

I am sure everyone wants to have a nice hair – Good nourishment and your Recovery is the answer.