Lighten Up


Written by Sweetbeat

Condition is a cunning fiend that sabotages your thinking and places you in an uncomfortably numb state. Life as you know it, is polluted with fear and lack of trust that our outlook becomes quite restricted and narrow. As the saying goes ‘ships are safe in the harbour but it is not where they belong’!!

This saying is very relevant to recovery, the longer we stay in the confined space of the harbour the longer it will take to progress in our the freedom journey. From my last session I was gratefully reminded of the importance of values. If we take time to consider what is significant to us beyond condition jargon, life will become more harmonious. Although life may disrupt the balance, it is through freedom we develop the tools to return to a sate of equilibrium. Submitting to condition values becomes tolerable because it is what we have practiced for so long, however no matter what age you are, you are never to old to learn and deepen the vital skill of positive thinking. Trusting in yourself, the body and recovery is well worth the effort. Trust is a useful mechanism that removes doubt and leaves more time available for focusing on the present moment.

Reminding yourself to lighten up and also to protect your sensitivity will give you the strength to deal with any negativity that is unfortunately an inevitable part of our society. However, by working on our own recovery and allowing ourselves to dream and believe in what we want to be, where we want to go, what we want to achieve may just inspire passion and positivity in others. Is that not a message we would like to portray to the world? Credit is also a fantastic tool, no matter how small the affirmation is, it really does help in your progression to a happier lifestyle. Daily credit really does keep you out of debit and sustains the positive energy required for freedom.

It is not obstructive to engage in wonder and simplicity. It opens the ‘flood gates’ to creativity and to the amazing person beyond the condition hostility. Have the courage to leave the ‘safety’ of doubts, insufficiency and fear and set sail to discover your true potential.