Learning from Tuesday’s Class: Interview with Yourself

When we are overcoming Eating Distress we often do not even realise that we are spending more time worrying about what people think and not enough time on what we think. This little exercise can be a fun and it can help you to know yourself better. Looking in the mirror, instead of focusing in on what you do not like you can interview yourself. Look at your eyes, give yourself a smile and start asking these questions. Alternatively you can have a little fun and ask these questions to your friends and family members. There are not wrong or right answers. There are only your answers and they can change tomorrow, everything is possible in this interview.

Can you describe yourself in 5 words?

What is your favourite colour?

What are your nicest memories?

What is your favourite song?

What is your favourite animal?

Who is your friend?

Who is you’re hero?

Which part of the day do you like the most?

What is your favourite outfit?

Who would you like to invite for diner?


So, are you Oprah Winfrey or Michael Parkinson or Graham Norton???

Have a fun!