Learning from Tuesday’s Class 17/5: Moving Forward in Recovery

When we are recovering from an Eating Distress it can often feel like we are just going a long, same thing different day and often feeling like we are getting nowhere. At this time of the year, there are changes happening all around us. Things all around us are change.

Condition does not always like this. In Recovery we are learning to naturally grow and learn in life and how to cope with it in a constructive way.

In order to progress in our Recovery we sometimes need to STOP, RE-EVALUATE and MOVE ON. Recovery is all about building bridges and solid foundation J Here are some questions to ask yourself on your journey to Full Freedom:

Are your values Fuelling Condition or Freedom?

Have you taken time to re-evaluate your boundaries?

Do we understand the importance of ‘Touching Base’ in order to progress in Recovery?

Could our Recovery do with revamping our values?

Are there some condition values you are getting bored with?

Are our needs evolving?

Are our wants evolving?

Do we respect our needs and wants on daily basis?

Do you invest into your needs and wants in your day to day living (e.g. making time to relax and honouring your sensitivity….)

Bridge -1