Importance of Asking Questions – Learning from Saturday’s Class

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein
By doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth. Peter Abelard

We learn from questioning. Successful people are usually very curious people who question to get more knowledge and quality. Recovery from Eating Distress (ED) is a learning process based on knowledge, applications and actions. Learning to ask questions is a necessary skill for Recovery.  Questioning opens our mind. Questions help us to clarify our thoughts. We often more presume, assume and doubt instead of questioning. There is a big difference between questioning and doubting.

Asking questions give us time to think. In the early stages of ED we usually react more, than give ourselves time to think of the helpful solutions.

Questioning will develop our sense of curiosity and enhance our knowledge of the recovery process. Recovery from ED is a complex and learning to ask simple questions will speed up this journey.

Learning questioning, will help us to stop reacting, panicking, losing control and assuming. Often we spend more time worrying if our answer would be right or wrong. There is not a right or wrong, there are just experiences of what is more helpful, and what is not helpful, and every experience is valuable. Learning to ask the simple, helpful question will deepen our understanding and give us directions.

Some helpful questions to ask in Recovery:

What am I learning?

How can I make Recovery process easier?

What changes do I need to make to achieve that?

What would I like to feel?

How do I need to change my thinking to achieve that?

Is Recovery my priority?

How can I make Recovery more fun?

Do I live by my values?

Is this good for my body?

What can I let go today to make my thinking lighter?


From a classmate – Importance of Asking Questions

Am I still breathing? Such a powerful question that I learnt today. Sometimes my emotions get on top of me before I realise and I can jump from A to Z in a heartbeat. Everything is wrong (yet nothing really is, just one little thing). Am I still breathing? Am I alive? Can I learn something here? Yes yes yes. What I really took from group today (super inspiring fellow freedom fighters, you guys rock!) was to change statements (conditiong ones) into questions. I make these rash statements (im sure you can think of a few for yourself) that just aren’t true. “Im too this”, “it won’t work because I’m blah blah blah”.. Lets get curious. Do I want to think this way? Is this just a conditioned fear that’s not actually real but a way of condition clinging on? When I look back to a year ago or more, there were things that I truly believed then that I know now just aren’t true. Is that the case now? Those things I say to myself that hold me back from beautifully colourful moments, are they true? I seriously doubt it. I believe in the future (tomorrow would be great but patience young grasshopper) I will look back and be like WOAH I didn’t see myself or my life very clearly. Wonder is a great way to embrace life. Rather than focusing on the one thing that condition is telling you will cause everything to go wrong, what about wondering what could go right? What could I learn? Who could I talk to? What can I learn about myself? About how far I’ve come? About how strong and wonderful I am? Nothing will ever be good enough for condition but realizing this is empowering. The thing you think isn’t good enough, is good enough! You are good enough! If you want to have a wonderful life, fill it with wonder. Give yourself time to do this, patience when questioning and looking for answers and credit when you do J


Blue Eyed Bird 🙂