Learning from Recovery Class: Trust

Written by Karen

Group on Saturday was brilliant I got so much from it. Thank you to everyone who was there. I always love turning up on a Saturday Morning and seeing so many parents and carers willing to learn and help their loved ones any way they can. There is so much love, kindness and caring people in the room and it’s an honour to share my Saturday with you all.

Anyways… on to the juicy stuff! Group was about ‘Trust’  and I just wanted to write some of the things I remember and got from it and I would love if anyone else could add on what I missed.

What thoughts do I trust? Do I trust what the professionals and my loved one are telling me or do I trust the condition voice? By choosing to trust the condition voice it gives a false sense of safety whereas in reality it puts us in a lot of danger which we can be blinded to.

Lack of trust comes from fears and holding onto them can feel like we are preventing ‘bad’ things from happen but this is entirely fictional and made up by condition. By holding onto fears and resisting to trust the advice given to us it prevents real life experiences and being part of the world which is actually a lot more scary than anything condition could make up because we only get once chance to live the life we have been given. So isn’t it a lot scarier to live a life existing and not really living because of this lack of trust and fears?!

I love the idea of handing over trust to a higher power or somebody else (depending on the situation) for example, for me I have been fearful of the future lately and what will happen and I’ve noticed myself trying to predict every little situation that could arise and I’m trying come up with solutions for something that hasn’t even happen yet or may never happen!!? So instead I’m choosing to hand over those fears to the universe and trust in it that everything will work out for the higher good and TRUST in myself that I can handle anything that comes my way and also TRUST in myself to make the right decisions for me and my life without looking for reassurance from everyone else that I’m doing the ‘right’ thing. It’s inevitable (being and imperfectly perfect human being lol) I will make mistakes sometimes but I will learn from them and move on J #DropTheRock #DropTheHardship

Let’s look for opportunities to trust!  There are many areas in our life where trust can seem a lot easier, such as one dad described at the group, when we hand over our 10 euro note to buy e.g a bottle of wine from the shop we TRUST the shopkeeper will accept it and we can enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, but if we were to stop trusting that process and worry if our 10 euro note is good enough to be accepted there would be CHAOS! We all hold the ability to trust so it is possible to expand this trust into other areas of life such as trusting the advice given to us by the professionals.

Stop Writing Tragedies and start writing Comedies! Instead of worrying about all that could go wrong, get excited about all the things that could go right!! 😀 We can choose what to believe!

Trust based on what other people are doing! I am so thankful to the lovely freedom fighter that brought this up I found it so interesting and thank you for making me aware of it! As the FF said sometimes it easy to look at other people around you to validate the way you’re feeling e.g if you’re tired you may look around to see if anyone else is tired to reassure yourself its ok to feel like that instead of just trusting your own body and getting some rest regardless of what other people are doing! #TrustMyOwnBody I am choosing to trust my own intuition!

One thing that was brought up at the end was that the most honest people are the most challenging to trust because they will just tell you it as it is and tell you things you really don’t want to hear. In condition it’s easy to surround yourself with a lot of ‘yes’ men whereas what we need to get us out of this funk are people who genuinely care and love us and challenge us and want us to get better because they will spare no feelings to get you to do things that is right for you!

Thank you all for my learnings this weekend J