Jane’s Thai Yellow Curry

Written by Jane

Here is a recipe I made up and it’s really nice, hope you will like it 🙂


I onion chopped

I red pepper chopped


2 Carrots chopped finely

I chicken stock pot (Knorr do really great ones in plastic tubs)

I tin of coconut milk

3 large chicken breasts diced

2 teaspoons of Thai yellow curry paste (you can get it in SuperValu)

I generous tablespoon of peanut butter


Fry up the onion, pepper and chicken in olive oil until golden brown.

Slice up carrots and boil them with the peas.

Add everything into a pot with the tin of coconut milk, the chicken stock pot, two teaspoons of the curry paste and peanut butter.

Leave to simmer for a good 20minutes.

Serve with rice of any type and enjoy!!!

Love Jane x