Information Overload?

Today, many of us have email accounts and an inbox’s that are often over loaded. This put me to think, have you ever thought about your mind as an inbox? Think about it ; How often is our email account full of emails that somehow got through to our inbox that contains junk mail consisting of nothing but piles and piles of useless information? Somewhere, somehow it has crossed the boundaries and entered our Inbox. We can often become very overwhelmed when we sit down and are faced with ‘Inbox Full’, especially when it is an Inbox full of junk which can often leads to us missing the important information which lies in the emails we actually need to read, as the information they contain will benefit us.

We live in times where we have more information pushed on us than we can handle. Did you know that the Sunday papers give you more information than people had in their lifetime 200 years ago.

The same goes with nutritional information. We have so many facts and diets and nearly every person telling us that they are right in what they are promoting. Yes, a “Too Much Information” diet can be dangerous, very confusing and can do more harm than good.

You see, when we are sensitive or going through our Recovery process, we often can feel like our mind is like ‘Inbox Full’, but the junk mail that got through makes it challenging to see which information is important and which information we just need to ‘Delete’. A full Inbox can make us very stressed, and can make us miss the important matter. You see, our thoughts our like emails. Some are beneficial and some are just junk mail.

So what can we do to prevent missing the important information that will benefit us?

  • We need to start by making a conscious decision to clear our mind which is our inbox.
  • No harm having specific folders for a certain type of thought, it may make it easier to access the more helpful one 🙂
  • We can often tell from the source or subject line that an email can just go straight into the Trash without getting into the details and will save us a lot of energy that we can then use for carrying out positive actions based on the helpful emails we have in our inbox.
  • Before deleting the junk mail, remember to mark them as ‘Spam’ in order to build stronger Filters for the future.

Index for Analogy

The mind is like an Inbox – when organised, you can enjoy the thoughts you have and the valuable information they contain.

Our emails are like our thoughts – Some useful, but some junk mail that is useless to us and takes up too much energy.

Junk Mail – Condition thoughts.

Mark as Spam – Be aware of the helpful and unhelpful thoughts so it is easier to catch them in the future.

Creating Stronger Filters – When we are aware of what is Spam and what is not needed in our Inbox (our mind) will be able to filter the unhelpful messages out easier and our Filter (Boundaries) will become stronger and will be able to protect us in future.

So, today, let’s have a ‘Inbox Clearing Day’ or maybe we can call it a ‘Deleting Day’, any destructive or negative emails that our burdening us and clogging up our ‘Inbox’ – just press “Delete” and feel the Freedom 🙂

Happy ‘Deleting Day’ 🙂