Impact and Influence – Class learning 24/5

Group on Tuesday night was on the subject of ‘influence’. After M drew our attention to the word, and the implications of it , we started to explore and awaken to new dimensions of how we are influenced and how we influence.

Freedom finders sought new innovative ways to gracefully sidestep the heavy impact of complex shoulds , have to’s , subtle pressure inducing influences , and more blatant conditioned influences. We acknowledged clever marketing , the power of TV in changing public belief, and society’s distressed obsession with values that we as freedom finders are now trading for more kindness , self care, connection, wonder, joy, lightness, creativity, and a sense of being good enough .

Walking the talk of our freshly updated value system influences our thoughts. The running commentary in our head then adapts to words of self support , non judgement and reassurance. Fear dissipates . Ease ensues. We get to choose to either engage with and therefore fuel an influence  or dance around it and focus our time and energy on choosing freedom influences in  each moment as it arises.

How do I choose to influence ?

Recovered classmate:)