How Far Have I Come In Recovery?

Written by Butterfly


What have I learned  and how far have I come? I went to my first group in MarinoTC in March 2016. I went to the old building first, so had to walk nearly an hour to get to the new premises. I was late and very frustrated. Thank God when I got there it was well worth it. I just remembered thinking how good it was to be there and be able to identify with everybody. I was so so pleased to be back, as I had been in MarinoTC many years ago. I had my first appointment with my ED Practitioner and from that day on my Recovery has taken off. I was so motivated when I started my first journey to Recovery and slowly started to wean myself off all medication that I was on and now I am practically free from it.

In a few months my life has changed and changed for the better. I find it very hard to put it in to words the change that has happened in me, it is a change for the better. I feel like a person again, feel feelings, and for the most part living in the present moment.

I also started Carework sessions and had done all of the suggested things. Don’t get me wrong, it has been up and down, but mostly ups. It is hard to explain the gratitude I have for life now and the people in it. If there is one thing I would say to help you in your journey, it is to listen to your practitioner. They have recovered before and know what they are talking about. I am doing this journey, the journey of life, and I will never look back. There is hope for us all – that hope is MarinoTC.