Group -7

What did I learn in group? Tuesday 19-7-16

written by Starlight

Group is always such a great experience. It’s great to walk in and see so many people at different stages of recovery and each equally as brave to want to fight this condition and discover how great life can be free from any destructive thoughts!

Last night a number of different topics were discussed but as always, each topic was connected. Here are some of the questions and topics that where brought up:

  • Intentions and actions
  • Expectations and illusions
  • Valuing our self, valuing our summer and our experiences
  • How can you live life to the full but still take care of yourself?
  • What does it mean to live life to the full?
  • What am I learning this summer?
  • Am I responding or reacting?
  • What do I want to do, for me?
  • What do I like to do?

Some of the wisdom said in group that I wrote down was.

I want to nourish myself in every way. Mind body and spirit.

I absolutely loved this affirmation when an amazing freedom fighter said it. It is so important to nourish our souls, ask what I like to do and do it no matter what condition says. In order to live life in a way that full fills us we need to discover what makes us feel light and gives us enjoyment!

That can be blowing bubbles with your brother, dancing around your kitchen singing, going on a bus tour, yoga and meditation, buying stationary!! Whatever your heart desires! And put the mute button on condition saying its non-sense.

Back to simplicity and just doing what is nourishing to your life.  

The only way to live life to the full is by self-care!

Without self-care, without recovery and without learning how to take care of ourselves and our needs it’s impossible to truly live life to the full.

To be in present moment and value the moment you’re experiencing right now for what it is and valuing your time- that is living life to the full. Living each moment truly as ourselves.

Value the conversation, the hug, the laugh, the adventure or whatever this moment has brought you. It’s easy to do a lot of ‘living’ and a lot of ‘doing’ with condition but is it really living life to the fullest if you’re packing condition with you to wherever you may travel to.

 Intention and actions

This linked in to doing things for ourselves!

I know sometimes my actions are swayed by what others think I should do or what I have predicted people would want me to do, or mind reading what someone would like me to be like and trying to fit this mould that I’ve totally fabricated myself.

A lot of over-thinking too when I read over it, lol <ß which leads back again to simplicity.

Instead of worrying about everyone else, ask what would I like to do? There was a suggestion of having a date yourself day and going out and doing something YOU want to do for YOU and not to impress anybody else or to say you done xyz. But to nourish your soul by doing something you enjoy!

Ask yourself the question: What would I do if I didn’t care what anybody else thought?

Value your summer and your life

‘Some people under value what they are and over value what they are not’ this is one of my favourite quotes and it links into expectations, the ‘shoulds’ condition places on us, comparing life to other peoples, thinking I ‘should’ be somewhere else or doing something else.

I have a very full life but it doesn’t really mean anything to me if I don’t slow down, appreciate the now, value the smalls things I do every day that make me who I am. It relates back to the credit and gratitude lists, they are sooooo important to do every night because they build up a sense of purpose in me and make me feel like I am enough, I am important and I have a place and role to play on this earth!

I am who I am and I can either loath it or cringe at all the things I do and say or accept me for who I am and embrace it! Because I am enough and I am pretty great when I allow myself to think this way LOL.

The main message from group was to learn to slow down, ‘Breathe in , breathe out, that’s what life’s about’ 

Go back to simplicity and the little things that bring joy to our life and not busying your head about doing more and more .:)

So much more wisdom was said and I want to thank every single person at group for making it so special!