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by Marie Campion

Hope: A Book on Understanding Eating Distress (Eating Disorders) (Cover)

Eating disorders, including bulimia, anorexia and compulsive eating, affect men and women of all ages. For sufferers, life is a constant battle; they often feel isolated and their loved-ones feel distressed. Recovery appears distant and often impossible. The expertise behind this book helps the reader to deal with the saturation of negativity and destruction in modern living. This negativity contributes to the severity of symptoms and prolongs the time to recover from Eating Distress (eating disorders). Written by a therapist and by recovered and recovering sufferers from eating disorders, this book provides hope and makes recovery seem possible. Hope, the book, is filled with good news for eating disorder treatment and recovery. Read Hope, you will be filled with optimism and maybe even smile.

There is Hope, and this book helps you to make that Hope real.

This book includes:

  • unique accounts by sufferers in their own words – this is how it really feels to have an eating disorder
  • step by step approach to recovery
  • a programme to deal with these diseases which can be life-threatening
  • tips to cope with difficult situations

This book is for:

  • sufferers and their families
  • therapists, counsellors, teachers
  • general public

Free: Click here to read extracts from Hope

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Recovery Now: Eating Distress Handbook

by Marie Campion

Daily tips for letting go of an Eating Disorder. This book includes 365 practical suggestions you could find very useful in your recovery.

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