How to Start Believing in Your Capabilities

Have you ever felt like you weren’t capable of doing something even before you tried? Has a thought ever come into your head and shot down an idea straight away saying “No way not possible for me!”. Have you been ever been afraid to dream in fear that people may laugh at you?

When we are suffering from an Eating Distress the condition does not like us believing in our capabilities so we often end up pigeon holed and backed into a corner where we feel we should be but not necessarily where we want to be. When we feel not good enough it is very challenging to believe we are capable of great things, some say, the things that only dreams are made of. Well, here is the good news ; dreams are made of thoughts, our thoughts direct our behaviours and our behaviours create our reality, so maybe we could start allowing ourselves to think about our dreamsJ As human beings, we are a part of nature, we are capable of many great things, nobody is the special snowflake, this rule applies to everyone no matter how loud the voice in your head is say “Yeah, well not for me”. This is the voice of fear. This is the condition. This is not you. Here are a few questions to help you get rid of these self limiting beliefs and start believing in your own capabilities today 🙂


Do you believe in your own capabilities to Recover?

Do you believe you are capable of great things? 

Would you like to start exploring your capabilities in your journey to Full Freedom?

What would you need to let go of in order to explore this avenue?

What would you like to be capable of?

Think of a time in the past you achieved something you didn’t think possible. What tools helped you achieve this?