Fuel for the Brain


We all know that fueling the body and brain makes Recovery much easier, so why not try this snack idea which is filled with :

  • Omegas to help brain functionality and protecting our brain’s myelin sheath
  • Proteins to help the building of our neurotransmitters
  • Fibre to look after our digestion
  • Vitamins and minerals such as Magnesium and Vitamin E to name but a few.

You will need :

200g pitted dates

250g of Almonds (Cashew and walnuts are great too)

2 tblsp of chia seeds

2 tblsp of desiccated coconut

A blender/food processor

Method :

1.Place the dates, most of the nuts and chia seed into the food processor and blitz until a paste is formed.

2.Add the rest of the almonds and blitz until you have nice chunks in the paste.

3. Pour the coconut onto a plate. Take the paste out of the food processor and roll into little balls, then roll them in the coconut.

4. Place the energy balls onto a clean plate and place in the fridge for a few hours and hey presto, you’re done 🙂