Femininity “quality of being female, womanliness”


Reflecting on Femininity by Busy Bee

I remember watching a film called Summer Magic with my Granny when I was a child.  After Tuesday’s group, I vaguely remembered a song called “Femininity” that was featured in the film. I decided to find this song and listen to it again.

(From the 1963 Disney movie Summer Magic)

Nancy: You must walk feminine
Talk feminine
Smile and beguile feminine
Utilize your femininity
That’s what every girl should know,

if she wants to catch a beau
Julia: I just want Gilly

Nancy: Dance feminine
Glance feminine

Act shy and sigh feminine
Compliment his masculinity
That’s what every girl should know
if she wants to catch a beau
You’re Bobbling too much

Julia: Let him do the talking Men adore good listeners!
Nancy: Laugh, but not too loudly (Ha ha)
If he should choose to tell a joke, Be radiant
Julia: But delicate!
Together: Memorize the rules of etiquette Be demure,
sweet and pure Hide the real you!

Together: You must look feminine
Dress feminine
You’re at your best feminine
Emphasize your femininity!
That’s what every girl should know,

Lally Joy: Femininity, femininity
All: That’s the way to catch a beau

I never really listened to the lyrics of this song when I heard it as a child. Do I agree with the words of this song today? The majority of this song is extremely sexist and if Summer Magic was released in cinemas today social media would be at war with Disney for such an overtly chauvinist song. However, I must admit that I still really like this tune. Why?

I never thought about the topic of Femininity/Masculinity before but after the group I realised that my ED has resulted in the ultimate rejection of my femininity. Each time I surrender to the ED I’m being robbed of those inherent qualities and attributes that make me a woman. Simply put this song makes me remember that I want to be a strong, confident woman, that femininity is important to me and that it is something that I really do value.

I know I have a long way to go but I do want to be free to be able to “Walk feminine, Talk feminine”…….and ultimately be at my “best feminine”, no longer being afraid to “ Emphasise my femininity”.

Busy Bee