Go For Your Dreams


Written by  Happy Days

I loved Saturday’s group about believing in our capabilities, and I particularly loved the bit about dreams.

Why not dream? What have I to lose from dreaming?

Don’t be afraid to talk about and share your dreams. Imagine this time next year, five years, ten years etc. Go for it. Drop the fear. If people judge me for it, that tells me lots about them, not me.

As pointed out in group, dreams do come true. They come true in the right time. I need to and want to believe that.

Is there anything I can do right now to help my dreams along? If so, do it, and then let it go and live in today.

The lyrics of my hero’s song kept going round in my head during the group, so I thought I’d share them:

Talk about a dream

Try to make it real,

You wake up in the night

With a fear so real

You spend your life waiting

For a moment, that just don’t come

Well, don’t waste your time waiting

Badlands, You Gotta Live It Everyday

(Badlands, Bruce Springsteen)

I no longer want to waste my time waiting for this magical time when I will be a certain size and everything will fall into place. It’s never gonna happen. I tried it and it didn’t work.

Instead I want to go and live, live every day, drop the fear, and realise my dreams.

Happy Days