Don’t Believe Everything you Hear and See

Written by Linda

Have you ever counted how many times a day, you scroll down through social media? Please don’t believe everything what you hear and see!

I decided that for January, I would come off social media and see what would happen….. I have to say the first few days were not that easy, I realised instead of scrolling through and seen what everybody was doing and of course comparing/judging and beating myself up daily for things that I felt I wasn’t eating xyz or exercising in a certain way etc etc etc etc

I now have noooo idea what anyone is doing and began procrastinating and writing a list of things I could be doing instead with this new found time that I now had. I have noticed a change in my mood, as I had nothing to compare myself too and judge myself too. I felt a sense of I am good enough and uniqueness, as I was now having very productive days and crossing things off my to-do list as I went.

“There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this” This allowed me prioritise my days more effiecently. I was able to use this time to put more into my recovery, to find the dream job I want. To get “doing” instead of using the usual saying “I don’t have time” or my new one “Im bored” all I was doing was deflecting hours of my time on either social media playing into marketing tactics or listening to the media. “There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this”

Now this is coming from someone who studied Marketing/Social Media for 5 years and works in the industry. This industry has a very BIG impact on each and every one of us in some shape or form. It can be a very dangerous industry, if we don’t understand there tactics and manipulation that they use on use as consumers. Each day they think of new ways and strategies to hook us in and we fall for it. (most of the time). They have us exactly were they want us and are doing a supeberb job at it. That is what we are being paid to do at the end of the day. They are hooked into everything from what we purchase to when we are sitting down in the evening time watching TV, they have hidden messages everywhere.

When you work in the industry you start to look at it in a different light. (but still can get sucked in just like anyone, we are all human at the end of the day). For instance the one that I think is brilliant is when they have an offer on for “buy two, get one FREE” we only went into the shop to buy one. Yet we ended up with three, Marketing wins 🙂 There is always a hidden agenda behind marketing, it is a “multi billion dollar” industry it is there to MAKE money not to loose money. Take bloggers as an example companies, go to them and pay them to market and endorse there products to use the consumers. We listen to the blogger and next thing you know we have suckered in AGAIN. Marketing also has a brilliant way of making you feel like you NEED xyz and if you don’t have it then you loose out on something.

That is marketing doing a great job and achieving a successful campaign and leaving customers in this world of marketing, telling them what they should have and when. They are usually the decision makers, making us believe we made this decision on our own. 😉 The client gives us the marketers a quota (the amount of money they expect that campaign to make) Look at a store layout the next time you go in, it tells “a story”. It is called the customer journey.

An example: January –  Active wear, is brought to the front of the store in prime eye view, as they know this is the highest seller in January and will reach the allocated sale targets.

Take supermarkets – You go in for MILK and you end up coming out with a basket full of shopping. This is all part of the “shopper experience”. So first you are greeted by the smell of fresh bread/bakery aisle, the milk is usually down the very back of the shop so you then have to by pass lots of different offers and promotions along the way in order to reach the MILK. Everything that they want you to buy is on the middle shelf at eye level. They “help” you to decide what you should buy. Then last but not least you have the cheap little bits and pieces as you walk up to the till or magazines that you start you flick through while waiting for your turn to pay, Successful marketing job completed. The customer is less well off and the companies/marketers are richer.This is just something to keep in mind, not to believe everything that you see and hear. We are trained professionals, who have solely studied this area and know exactly what way to make people either believe or trust that you need these materialistic items. They play with people’s feelings and weaknesses and make money off it. I have also realised that what is on social media isn’t real. They only show you what they want you to see. Exactly like you or I “Be kind for everyone you see is fighting a battle, you know nothing about”. It is very easy to fall into this trap and believe that everyone else is having a great time while, you are sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. I have realised that you probably have just as much or more exciting things going on in your life you just don’t know it yet. This also co-insides with the media i.e the news, radio talk shows, magazines, newspapers etc. this is a funny one.

I personally stay well away from the news and try not to read too in-dept into magazines (This should be used solely as chewing gum for the brain). The media again only tell you exactly what they want you to hear. It is a very institutionalised/ scripted industry, that is done differently depending on the country. Take China for instance they can’t access any news outside of there boarders. They even have there own Facebook site solely just for China. If you take India in order to keep the poor, poor and the rich, richer they need to monitor the news or the full story.  You will never see/ hear of anything happy or positive in the news the majority of the time it is tailored to its targeted audience. It can change your mood from positive to negative within seconds. (but only if you allow it too)

The media also hand picks things what will make an entertaining/interesting 30mins for its audience. (People lovvveee Drama so the better the drama the better the news) The advertisers see this as a great opportunity as these would be seen as prime slots for advertising and is also the most expensive ad breaks. Ads change per there target viewers and the time of the day. Even if we don’t think we are paying attention or listening it is all sinking into our subconscious.

Next time you are beating yourself up or buying into something take a step back and laugh at how good of a job both industries are doing and become curious to learn more about there tactics. And most importantly don’t believe everything you hear and see. 🙂