Diploma course in Eating Distress studies

An Individualised Person-Tailored One to One Training in The Psycholinguistic Motivational Model

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This course will provide the opportunity to:

  • Provide Fresh Insight Into The Eating Distress Sufferer’s Mind
  • Increase Awareness And Knowledge Of Medical Complications
  • Learn How To React To Medical Crisis
  • Improve Communication And Language Skills
  • Understand The Co-Morbidity Of Self-Harming Behaviours
  • Connect The Gap Between The Theory And The Practice
  • Gather Quality Information And Use It To Create Change
  • Increase Knowledge As To Why People Suffer From ED
  • Build And Maintain Rapport With The ED Client Which Is The Key To Successful Treatment
  • Successfully Work With ED Clients Who Are In Denial And Not Willing To Recover
  • Effectively And Permanently Change Unwanted Behaviour
  • Improve Skills To Regain Control In Therapeutic Situations
  • Increase Confidence In Working With ED Sufferers And Their Families
  • Use Analogies And Metaphors To Bypass Defence Systems Of The Condition
  • Recognise And Address Physical And Psychological Needs
  • Develop Knowledge And Application Of Nutritional Management
  • Coach A Suffer To Full Recovery And Prevent Relapse
  • Try Out New Solutions To Repetitive Old Problems
  • Discover How To Help People With ED Reduce Anxiety, Improve Relationships And More
  • Learn to Work Within a Multi-Disciplinary Framework
  • Improve Skills In How To Help Families Of The ED Individual
  • Understand And Deal Powerfully With Your Own Food And Weight Issues So That They Will Not Interfere With Your Work With Clients

Past Graduates

“If you want to deepen your understanding of ED, grow significantly in personal development, learn how to help others move through the recovery process to full recovery and study with an individually tailored course to fit in with your particular lifestyle – then this is the course for you. The Marino Therapy Centre has developed the unique Psycho-Linguistic Motivational model, which enables FULL recovery and freedom from ED. It has been a privilege for me first to fully recover through the Centre and then to train in using this unique model. On completion of the training I am now equipped to work as an ED practitioner and it is a continual privilege to put this learning into practice in supporting others on their recovery journey.”
– Paula

“I have provided help to those affected by Eating Distress for almost 9 years having personal first hand experience of the impact of the illness some 16 years ago. After observing treatment approaches elsewhere including England, the reputation of the centre both made me curious as to what the centre did differently to achieve ‘full recovery and freedom’ and I decided that training in their unique psycho linguistic style could be worthwhile. Having completed the Diploma course last year I consider it was a good investment of my energy, time and finance as I feel it has provided the skills to give those suffering with the condition the ‘best chance’ for high level recovery.”
– Ian

The training with MTC enabled me to further put into action what I learned along my journey to freedom. When undertaking the course I was finalising my recovery. I fully believe studying the course from another perspective, one of trying to help others to freedom, enabled me to cement my journey.  It built on my trust in recovery as a whole and reminded me how the language of freedom really does work.

It takes daily practice to work on ourselves and the training helped me to trust what works for me, in particular to keep things simple and understandings how to live as a sensitive person in what can be an overwhelming world at times!!

– CS

With over 20 years experience in specialising in recovery from Eating Distress I knew I would be availing of not just theory but practical tips on how to help support my future clients as well as myself when practicing. I found the individual tailoring hugely beneficial and the one to one a wonderful opportunity to ask whatever questions I may have. This diploma has not only given me knowledge, but understanding and confidence to work in the area of Eating Distress.