‘We have been taught to neglect, despise and violate our bodies, and to put our faith in our brains. The brain is desiring things the body does not want.’ (Alan Watts)

It is the start of a new month. We like new beginnings. They used to signify the start of yet another ‘great new diet’ the best one yet.

In recovery, however, the only diet, which is helpful to us, is the ‘negativity free diet’. But the diet mentality is strongly implanted in us, and it takes time to be able to think differently.

Today we remind ourselves of some of the basic reasons why we need to never diet again.

Our bodies react to dieting as to starvation. During dieting the metabolic rate slows down dramatically. The body sheds active tissue that consumes a lot of energy first and the less active tissues go to make up the store, which is vital for the anticipated “famine”. Dieting creates a state of fatigue, depression and even acute malnutrition. Constant dieting trains the body to endure diets. Diet is a planned regime of deprivation, which is going to make us feel out of control.


The faster we stop dieting the faster we will rid ourselves of our weight problem.

95 out of every 100 people who are on a diet will regain all the weight they lose. 50% of these people will gain the weight they lost plus extra.

This is where the phrase “dieting makes you fat” comes from.

Dieting costs us a lot of money and makes millions for those in the slimming industry.

So, what are your reasons to never diet again?

Stop dieting and you won’t just lose the weight you’ll lose the negativity that’s weighing you down as well.

From now on nurture yourself with a steady diet of love and positivity.