Dear Body

Written by Blue Eyed Bird

Dear Body,

Hi. I do believe we are becoming more connected. Thank you for that. Thank you for always knowing that deep down I wanted to be your friend but freeloaders put up barriers between us in this home. Thank you for having soft protective skin that now loves the feel of warm water during showers, something that you dear body were deprived of. Thank you for blushing when I am embarrassed. Thank you for crying with laughter or when watching inspirational videos. Thank you for immediately smiling when someone mentions a guy’s name that I fancy. Thank you for sending me signals when you’re hungry or tired. Thank you for the fact that you are still trying to send those signals, even when the freeloaders blocked their path. Thank you for allowing me to see my parent’s faces, my nephews dancing, my pets being utterly adorable when they sleep, beautiful flowers, the calming ocean and my own uniquely beautiful reflection (that one was hard to type). Now a special note. My dear Brain. You have a special place in my heart (that doesn’t sound right because you’re in my head but sure). If I had to pick a favourite organ you would win (I love all you guys though, sorry kidneys, stomach, lungs and pancreas, you guys were close!). Brain, you really are my best friend. I enjoy your company so much more as I progress in my recovery and cannot wait to see how much closer we will become. Sometimes the freeloaders still build walls between us but it’s ok now. I’m aware of this and I know you’re on the other side. I will continue to knock down those walls. I promise. Brain and body, I still talk about you guys as if you aren’t me. You are me. This is my home. I’m glad I’m finally allowing you guys to be introduced. I really believe that Brain and stomach and kidneys etc could give Taylor Swift’s girl squad a run for their money. You guys have so much in common. You all need blood that I’m now choosing to become its true iron rich self. You all want to allow me to survive and thrive. Dear Cells, you guys chose to grow together to form me. You guys can be so different in ways but you work in harmony to allow me to live this wonderful life. You guys have stayed together through countless challenges and have become stronger in bond and love. Thank you. Body and mind, you guys literally have the same love story as Allie and Noah from the notebook. You’re soul mates but the freeloaders blocked your love letters from arriving. But love conquers all and those letters are now starting to arrive. Life will always throw curve balls at us. But we are the ideal team and we can knock them out of the park as we continue with recovery and showering ourselves with self love. Support yourself and get out of your own way.

All my love, light thoughts and belief,

Blue Eyed Bird x