Compassion And Self-Respect

Written by Pingu

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out what it means to me! Arethra Franklin

Self-respect to me means:

Being Authentic. Be you. There is no rehearsal for life, there is no rewind button. There is no fast- forward button. I remind myself that who I am right now is surely good enough, and always will be. Less editing, more being. In the present moment!
Stop trying to seek approval all the time. You’ve got to do things for yourself first. Let your entertainment for others, be a by-product of your entertainment for yourself!! Take time to do what makes you feel good and happy on the inside, and it will radiate outwards.

Be who you are! Be vulnerable, and to stop worrying what other people think. Just accept yourself 100%. When you stop worrying about what other people think you will stop doubting in your own capabilities and you will make good choices for yourself.
Accept your interests. Do what makes you happy, and don’t just do things because you think it will make other people happy.

Place yourself in an envireonment that allows you to surrender completely. Good examples of this are nature, your yoga mat, or anywhere quiet and peaceful. Bring this feeling of complete and utter surrender into your everyday life- your family kitchen, work, parties, ect. and try to stay true to you.

Be okay with saying ‘no’ or saying ‘yes’, don’t live life according to what you think other people want, or according to their expectations of you.

Show people the different sides of who you are. You can be sad/ happy. Show your true emotions, don’t keep things inside because you’re afraid of the impact you may have on other people.

Live by your own values in life. Stand up for your own values, and imagine you were a spectator of yourself- would you respect you? Assert yourself firmly but compassionately, even if other people have a different view or disregard what you’re saying. Walk with your shoulders down, head up. And smile.

To respect yourself you have to realise that being you does not mean you have to be static. Accept that change is constant. This idea is both confusing, scary and wonderful. You cannot prevent some things from happening and life is always in flux. But if you stay present and aware of the changes within and around you, mindful of your breath, body and thoughts as it occurs, life can become peaceful. There are many times when we wish to fight change, especially when we perceive it as negative, but if you simply accept and surrender to all forms of surrender it becomes easier. Remember that this too shall pass , both the good and the bad, and that bitter endings often result in sweet beginnings. You are constantly becoming a better version of yourself! And you are allowed to evolve! Self-respect is not being stuck, not holding grudges, allowing yourself to move forwards, to overcome mental barriers.

It doesn’t matter how much people ‘respect’ you, it only really matters how much you respect yourself. When you respect yourself, you stand on a principle. Respecting yourself is about having a very clear vision about what you want for yourself and your life.
It is about taking responsibility for your own life and reclaiming your power, owning your power, and realising that you have the power to make a difference.

Respecting yourself is being proud of what you are doing and being confident in it.
Instead realise that you have something very unique and special about you, and nobody else can take it away from you.

Self-respect is being connected to your emotions.

Self-respect is about knowing you deserve it, whatever it is. You deserve to be treated well, and you deserve to treat yourself well. You deserve long hot baths and belly laughs. Self-respect is about being easy on yourself. You are good enough and deserve good things, such as kindness and compassion.

Self-respect comes from changing the perception you have of yourself. Letting go of people’s expectations of you and being free.

Self-respect is about taking responsibility. Take responsibility for your thoughts and feeling, and don’t project them onto other people. It’s so easy to say ‘they’re being mean’ or ‘you make me feel’ but the truth is nobody can make you feel anything. Human beings don’t have that superpower. You have to own your feeling. Don’t project them onto others. Ask yourself: how are you choosing to feel right now? Choose a good feeling, such as ‘light’ or ‘relaxed’- value your happiness!

Expect others to respect you. If you expect other people to believe in you and respect you, they are more likely to! What you think manifests in reality.

Compassion means that you are understanding, kind and caring towards others when they are feeling low or have made a mistake, rather than judging them.
Feeling compassion towards someone else means that you realize that suffering and imperfection is part of being a human-bean! And as you are also a human-bean, you can be just as compassionate towards yourself 🙂

Self-compassion is being caring and loving towards yourself when you notice negativity is crippling you. Instead of just ignoring your pain or telling yourself you’re fine, try to see how you can comfort and care for yourself instead. Give yourself a hug, literally.

Self-compassion means easing off some of the pressure you put on yourself. Things won’t always go the way you want them to and you just can’t please everybody.

Self-compassion means setting realistic and manageable expectations for yourself, and accepting and moving on when things don’t go according to plan.
Self-compassion also means setting good intentions at the beginning of each day, both for yourself and for others. Plant good thoughts like seeds in your brain, and there’ll be flowers blooming there in no time!!

Self-compassion is about being the best version of yourself, without taking yourself too seriously. Realise that mistakes are human and most of them will be chuckled about in a few years anyway. Learn from past mistakes and don’t let them hold you back from living a happy present.

Self-compassion means never giving up on yourself.
It means supporting yourself through the tough times, and knowing that there is always something good waiting for you just around the bend. So enjoy the ride, accept the ups and downs, the tears and the laughs, and don’t forget to watch the scenery in the process.