Class Learning Saturday 7/5: Wordiology

Wordiology 🙂

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” Rudyard Kipling   

Paying attention to words is a n important part in recovery process. The story we tell ourselves, we believe. When we focus on struggle and difficulties, we only get struggle and difficulties. The progress, to feel better, we need to change the language we think and communicate. Our words need to promote health not a victimisation. Recovery is like learning to translate from the self-destruction language to language of self-support.

Thank you everyone for very helpful contribution and participating.

Here are some suggestions for your ‘translating journal’ to record your experiences and phrases.

C: I can’t…                                   F: I won’t

C: If only I had…                        F: Next time I will…

C: I can’t do it…                         F: I will do my best…

C: I am a loser, I do not bother trying…     F: I am a winner, I will keep doing…

C: People hate me, I stay shy…                  F: People value me, I learn confidence…

C: People do not care…                               F: I will notice and return kindness

C: My past made me unhappy…                F: I past made me strong…

C: Things always go wrong…                     F: I can make things better…

C: The world is out to get me…                 F: The world is a safe place …

C: Why is this happening to me?              F: What do I need to get through this?

C: Why am I such a failure?                      F: How will I get what I want?

C: Why aren’t better at this?                     F: What can I do to improve?

C: Why can’t I get it?                                  F: What do I need to know so I understand?

C: Why did he/she say that?                     F: What could have made her/him to say that?

C: Who did what?                                       F: What would have made a difference?


Learning from the group from a carer’s perspective:

Thank you for this morning’s class – all about words and how condition holds onto the negative ones with a ferocity.

As a carer it gives great comfort to be able to sit and listen as sufferers and carers alike share such honesty.

No judgment just sharing.

Each Saturday helps me to regroup & keep me going for another week for whatever ED is going to throw at me.

I get so much from each class and I know that I need it every bit as much as my daughter – maybe even more so.

It’s the one place where I don’t have to justify or put on a facade. I don’t feel alone in my fight with ED.

Thank you Marie & everyone for helping through such honest sharing – I’m privileged to be part of it.

Caring mum:)