What is Carework

In the early stages of recovery, when sufferers are in the grips of the condition, they often benefit from extra motivation and guidance in addition to their weekly therapy sessions; this is where careworking comes into play. The sufferer’s mind is extremely receptive to suggestions at this critical time, and his or her concentration is sporadic, therefore distraction helps the person get through the hardest of times. Carework provides the person with spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional support.

Careworkers have all recovered from Eating Distress and have been trained by the Marino Therapy Centre to provide carework. Because the careworkers have battled with the ED themselves, they are able to offer a unique understanding of the condition as well as a great deal of empathy for the sufferer. Careworkers must be emotionally stable and show that they are in control of themselves when working with fragile minds.

Carework is not about creating a person because the person is already there; it is about unconditional guidance and coaching. The careworker is seen by the sufferer as hope, hope that they will improve and that full recovery is possible for everyone.

“Carework has an extremely positive effect on my recovery. Having experienced ED themselves, my careworkers truly understand what I’m going through and accept my situation. I can talk to them about all the complicated, irrational and destructive feelings I have and know that they’re listening without judgement. Being able to express myself so freely about my feelings provides a tremendous emotional release.

However, what I appreciate most about carework is the hope and confidence in recovery it gives me. Meeting with my car workers, who have been where I am now with ED and overcame it, shows me how possible recovery is – if they could do it so can I. In addition, I very much trust the supportive advice they give to me because I know they’re not talking theory but are sharing with me what really helped them. My careworkers are an inspiration to me, seeing how full and free their lives are now is an enormous motivation to me in my own recovery.”

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