Build Up Your Confidence: Count Your Achievements


Nothing builds self-esteem and confidence more like valuing your achievements.

Today remind yourself that it is not only knowledge that counts but the action as well. Recovery from an Eating Distress calls for knowledge of how to do it, but it also involves being willing to do it. Let today be a day of action. Decide on something you would like to change, just something small for a start. It is better to succeed gradually in small achievements they can prevent big disappointments.

Every metre is made from centimetres. Every day we do something right, but we usually ignore these small achievements. How often do you give yourself credit when it’s due? Start right now. Credit yourself for every small thing you do right from this moment, even just for opening this blog. You might be bingeing,  starving or being very stressed and practicing other destructive behaviours, but instead you are reading about Recovery. Credit yourself for it!

For the rest of the day pretend you are a detective who is looking for everything that you did well. A detective uses a magnifying glass. You can use one too. Look carefully. Every small achievement counts. Only small things build up a big case. Recovery is built up from thousands of small changes and achievements every day. Write them down and go over them as much as possible.