Boundaries and #MeToo Movement


Written by Classmate

The #MeToo campaign is filling up my newsfeed on Facebook. I’ve read various stories In various levels of detail, and tbh I’m unsure how helpful the whole thing is.

This is my personal (and perhaps unpopular) opinion on this… You do not need to share your personal history or stories in a public forum. You just don’t. There’s a time and place, and I really don’t believe Facebook is the place.

(Plus isn’t it funny how people’s careers seem to move along once they’ve come out with this sort of stuff…)

Sometimes when we are very distressed or lack boundaries, we can say things and then regret it. Particularly as we realise we can’t take it back.

I agree that harassment and abuse is not ok, obviously. But we need to ask ourselves how positing the intimate details on a social media site is going to be helpful??? As soon as it’s online, you have no power over what is done with the information.

In my mind, this is akin to the endless sharing of “mental illness awareness”. The amount of posts I’ve read over the years of people sharing their “story” under the guise of “awareness”. Stirring dirty water and dramatising! Where are the solutions? Nobody seems to most much in the way of solutions.

I agree also that “something needs to be done”. And we need to be kind to everyone and anyone who has ever had a difficult time, or had challenging things happen to them. Actually, we need to be kind to everyone. And maybe the world doesn’t realise the “extent” of abuse, harassment, assault etc that goes on. But you don’t owe anyone your story. You’re not obliged to share. You’re not a terrible person for having boundaries, and deciding not to hang your life out on the Facebook washing line for others to gawk at. That goes for ED related stuff too.

Love Classmate xxx