Beautiful Mind

Written by Sara

I would just like to share one really lovely thought I have about the mind. I got to the point when I can maintain really healthy and stable relationship with my body. Treating it with respect and love. All the work and all the affirmations were 100% worth it!

My next goal is to have this relationship with my mind. We talked about this with my careworker  and she told me that I can approach to it the same way as to my body. My mind is my home. My mind is beautiful. My mind is my friend. My mind is amazing place, where all my thoughts and ideas are born. I think that this way to look at it is so simple but also very powerful.

Sometimes I catch myself saying: “everything would be much easier  if I wasn’t so sensitive and observative”. And I am realizing that I am doing the same thing to my mind which I did to my body. I am trying to change it. Thinking that maybe I would be happier if my mind wasn’t like this. But now I know it’s absolutely NOT TRUE. I need to work with it.

My mind is my home. My mind is beautiful place. My mind deserves self-care and love. My creative, sensitive and clever mind can do amazing things. So I just give my mind a long hug and accept it the way it is.