Poem written by By Elfi

Majestic colours, a cooling breeze, ripe horse chestnuts falling from the comfort of their cradling branches for me to catch,

Caught in traffic I watch a single leaf lazily, ever so gently, land on the street, sighing it’s rhythmic descent as nature gives of itself to another season,

Letting go of summer’s delights, their willowy arms once more yielding to the gentle hum of Fall,

Oak, Sycamore and Rowan, Blackberries and Holly bushes, hedges all aglow with kaleidoscope’s of colours,

Their rustic hues embrace my senses, dappled sun-light through swaying leaves,

A babbling brook whispers it’s song, as I sit on the bank wanting to sing along.


Sweet vale of Glenmalure, such an enchanting stillness it evokes in me,

Nothing to hear but that sound of silence, caught in this moment, may it be forever,

Wherever I journey, wherever I go,

May I return to this moment, then in my heart I will know,

This haven will always be here to stay,

I can carry it with me, each and every day.