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Hello Freedom Fighters 🙂

Welcome to our August edition of MTC Newsletter. August is a moth where we are i the middle of Sumer and the holiday season. It can be a wonderful time to stop and look at what we have been learning and so far and what action we want to continue making as we get ready to make a transition into a new season. In this month’s issue we are to looking at the importance of gratitude, sharing more inspirational Freedom stories and some interesting researches, while throwing in few Summer recipes in there too. We hope you find it helpful.

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Shame and Your Recovery

Written by Una

One of the first phrases I uttered at Marino was ” I am so ashamed”
Self criticism, judging and comparing had reduced me to a despairing cycle of destructive behaviours . Conditioned thoughts  emphasised that  my behaviours were worse than everyones’ . To top it all I had the ‘added disadvantage’ of having experienced eating distress for half a century. So hope was an unfamiliar emotion. What must people think? Shame was my middle name.
Secrecy , self deceit , and guilt isolated and disconnected me from my true kind Self and from the love of others. Frantic business achieved nothing valuable and prevented me doing what I truly wanted to do. Conditioned thinking, based on false evidence,  promised many exotic things sometime in the future. It never ever delivered. I was caught in a loop of empty promises ,destructive behaviours and misplaced trust. Hot salty tears are rolling down my face now as I remember and accept, with a yielding into compassion , that beautiful , hurting, aspect of myself. Without it I would not have started my pHD in life .

My professors and mentors are Marino practitioners who know and challenge eating distress . They walk the talk and enjoy a quiet calm pride in who they are…..Free, radiant, beautiful. Enthusiastic, Courageous, aware and wise. They teach truths that dismantle condition.

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August – Dare to Have a Month of Gratitude

If in any kind of pursuit of a happier mind, no doubt you’ll happen across the concept of gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation have been proven time and time again in various researches to increase our experience of happiness. Like any practice though, if we’re not already doing it – it can take a fair while to get the habit going, even when we’ve been bombarded with the benefits or have been (repeatedly) told by our practitioners to keep a journal of it.

I know from my own experience that regardless how beneficial I knew it was going to be, it was so challenging to actually do it. I’d have a week of it maybe here and there but then if I missed a day, it’d be gone from my mind until the next article I read or my next reminder, where of course I’d vow again to give it my utmost dedication. It still definitely didn’t come naturally, particularly when I was busy giving my energy to negative spirals and complaints – so the lesson learnt was that it needs to be an active, consistent practice. Now though, I can see how it’s just become a constant feature in my mind. Throughout the day, my thoughts will wander to what I’m grateful for, what are the ‘at leasts?’ and where can I replace negatives with positive appreciation. And I can absolutely vouch for the fact that it works. It’s a powerful process in changing not only mind-set but perspective and even our experience too.So having understood the challenge in creating the habit and feeling the benefits in overcoming that challenge – I thought it’d be helpful to get the ball rolling for others and have a month of gratitude. I figure if we have time for social media we have time for active gratitude, so over on my blog’s Instagram @daretolivesos I’m going to have 31 days of gratitude for the month of August, with the hashtag #daretobegrateful

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so if you get involved in this too, it could be a really positive start in cultivating a grateful outlook.
I’d love to see what others are grateful for and see the gratitude spreading, so if you want to follow and be part of it, just use the hashtag when you post daily and we’ll be able to see a beautiful collection of gratitude building day by day


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Vulnerability as a Path through Recovery 

Written by Recovered

My father was a stone mason by trade. I sometimes drive past walls he constructed with a sense of wonder for the art and science of his creativity. He immersed himself in works of beauty and practicality. Many anonymous structures stand proud in honour of his presence in the world. As a child I marvelled at how he could take a granite stone, glinting in the sunlight,  into his calloused weathered hands and know what to do next….

He understood the wall. He sensed , then knew intuitively which stone would fit into the irregular slot. He would take a deep raucous  breath of fresh country air , mingled with smoke inhaled from a cigarette permanently dangling from the corner of his unspeaking mouth. This caused his eyes to squint and focus on the job in hand. Then the magic! A gentle tap of the hammer and the stone would yield with precision to my fathers intention. Weakness and  vulnerability in the granite were the keys to building a strong beautiful boundary.

‘Now you see me’  appears to be a film about magic . The magician uses mirrors , distraction techniques, and suggestion to create illusion . He darts around in the shadows to stimulate the audiences’ imagination to believe in something unreal. We are convinced. Quick to be cajoled , unquestioning , into a world of magic , our minds  manipulated , frightened and controlled by illusion.

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Beware of The Chameleon

In our last issue we were exploring the role of family in ED recovery. We got a very interesting contribution from a father of fully recovered young lady called

I am a parent of our fully recovered daughter from an Eating Disorder, and what a great place we have being in for a couple of years now. I am prompted to write this as I am concerned about new trends, well at least trends that appear new to me. I live on the coast and regularly take a stroll along the sea front promenade with my family. We love doing this in both stormy weather and sunshine. I have noticed that some of those on the promenade are not really aware of their surroundings. I have been involved in sport at different levels throughout my life. Most enjoyable, and hugely beneficial. Some of my lifelong friends I met through sport. So I am all for sport for the right reasons. My concerns are that some of the people that I meet on the promenade are not jogging/running for the enjoyment, actually they are doing so much harm to their bodies by the continuous pounding on the concrete. This is only part of my concern, the other big concern is the “ Healthy, Clean Eating”concept/obsession. Mix these two together and anyone can see the problem.

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Interesting Researches

Childhood binge eating: Families, feeding, and feelings

A recent study focusing on childhood binge eating, families and feeling resulted in finding that we often stress here at MTC. Below are just some findings :

“This study found that childhood binge eating is really associated with parents’ weight-related beliefs, but not their actual weight, and their emotional availability but not necessarily the income availability,”

“We want to emphasize to parents that weight isn’t the ‘be all end all,’ and that focusing on weight too much can be damaging. Instead, focusing on giving kids the tools they need to manage their emotions, particularly emotions around eating and weight, can help strengthen children’s coping skills so they are less likely to need binge eating.”

Click here to read more on the researched  conducted at University of Illinois

Males more likely to Suffer Psychologically when Dissatisfied with their Body Image

Another recent study highlights the point that Eating Distress is not just a female issue. Awareness and acceptance need to continue to grow in this area.

“Although our data suggests that, overall, the burden of body dissatisfaction is borne disproportionately by females, males with body dissatisfaction may be a particularly high-risk group. The additional stigma towards men is that they are less masculine by virtue of suffering from a stereotypically female problem. In addition, men report feeling less worthy if they need to ask for help, and this has been associated, in our research, with an increased likelihood of men with eating disorders remaining undiagnosed (4 times more likely in our study)”

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Freedom Fuel Suggestions



In warm weather we need more liquids to prevent dehydration. One of the very tasty way to make sure we have enough liquids is to drink more juices the during the day. Juicing invigorates the body and mind and is a good source for the body giving fresh and available essential vitamins along with vital anti-oxidants. Juice is an elixir of life according to many experts. Main ingredients for juicing include : You can create your own recipes according to your likes and dislikes.
Juices need to be consumed in as fresh a state as possible. Exposure to air and continuous storage encourages loss or nutrients, fresh juices also tend to be more palatable.
If you are thinking of buying a new juicer, consider the following:
Strength of the motor – larger motors will last longer and a better investment
Ease of cleaning  – many can be difficult to clean so be sure to pick one that doesn’t take to much effort to cleaning. The likelihood is less cleaning will mean more use of the juicer 🙂

Here are some recipes we recommend for nourishing your treasure boxes :

Raw Energy

3 carrots, 1 apple, 2 stalks of celery, 1 floret of broccoli, a small bunch of spinach or watercress

Potassium Punch
3 carrots, 2 stalks celery, 4-6 leaves lettuce or a handful of spinach,1 parsnip, 1 small pear

Beet Treat

Beetroot juice can cause a dramatic cleansing action if taken in quantities of more than half a glass at a time. Half a whole beetroot, including the leafy top if possible, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 stalk of celery, 3 cm section of cucumber
Some additional ingredients that can enhance your juicing experience :

Lemon is an excellent cleanse.
Ginger works as an antibiotic and helping to relieve the sinus cavities and lung of mucus, helps digestion and calms the stomach
Figs are excellent mucus dissolvers
Fennel thins the blood – ancient Greeks used this to treat migraine
Pears, papaya, melon, mango  – rich for potassium
Beetroot – Helps to build up red blood cells, good for women suffering from menstrual disturbances
Carrot – helps digestion, skin cleanser, endocrine tonic, helps liver problems
Spinach – helps digestive problems
Celery – corrects consistency of body fluids, restore balance of nervous system
Cucumber – natural diuretic, promotes hair growth due to high silicon and sulphur content, good blood pressure regulator
Lettuce – good blood builder (high iron), natural tranquilliser
Parsley – only in small amounts, good for adrenal and thyroid gland, maintaining a healthy urinary system

Don’t forget to Enjoy 🙂


 Film Therapy

A film I would HIGHLY recommend seeing is a classic that many of you may have seen already, and even if you have, no harm in a repeated view of the great film ( in m opinion) that is Good Will Hunting. I won’t give too much away, but this film nicely explores life, values and what is really important in the journey of discovery that we are all on. It stars Matt Damon as Will Hunting and Robin Williams plays the role of his mentor. I recommend you have a notbook beside you to take down some wonderful quotes that are featured in this film full of wisdom, fun, seriousness and laughter, in my opinion this film as it all.


Watch the Video


Holiday Enhancement Therapy in Lanzarote

Everybody needs a holiday. When you suffer from Eating Distress this can be a little more complicated. There is extra ‘luggage’ going with the person. From our work we can often see that many people in recovery from ED find holidays very challenging, and can have a setback after their return, and many family members come home disappointed.

A couple of years ago we started to organise Holiday Enhancement Therapy (HET). HET is an intensive programme, personally tailored to each person’s needs, and to enhance their recovery stage. There are many benefits in providing an HET in Lanzarote. This programme can allow people to focus on recovery, and help people to see that Recovery is not all about therapy, but about LIFE and learning to have FUN on this journey. It creates opportunities for the person to get absorbed in the culture, and different lifestyles around them.

Click here to read more about Holiday Enhancement Therapy

Our next HET in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote will be available from 13th February 2017 to 6th March 2017. For more information you can contact the MTC office +353 1 857 6901.

On another note…

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