August – Dare to Have a Month of Gratitude


It’s brilliant to see the attitude of gratitude spreading over at #daretobegrateful . It Dare to Live’s month of gratitude on Instagram for the whole of August so it’s not too late to get involved! Each day there’s new images adding to the feed of positivity and the collection so far is so lovely, I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s to come! The Instagram is @daretolivesos if you’re interested in having a look click here 🙂

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If in any kind of pursuit of a happier mind, no doubt you’ll happen across the concept of gratitude. Gratitude and appreciation have been proven time and time again in various researches to increase our experience of happiness.

Like any practice though, if we’re not already doing it – it can take a fair while to get the habit going, even when we’ve been bombarded with the benefits or have been (repeatedly) told by our practitioners to keep a journal of it.

I know from my own experience that regardless how beneficial I knew it was going to be, it was so challenging to actually do it. I’d have a week of it maybe here and there but then if I missed a day, it’d be gone from my mind until the next article I read or my next reminder, where of course I’d vow again to give it my utmost dedication. It still definitely didn’t come naturally, particularly when I was busy giving my energy to negative spirals and complaints – so the lesson learnt was that it needs to be an active, consistent practice.

Now though, I can see how it’s just become a constant feature in my mind. Throughout the day, my thoughts will wander to what I’m grateful for, what are the ‘at leasts?’ and where can I replace negatives with positive appreciation. And I can absolutely vouch for the fact that it works. It’s a powerful process in changing not only mind-set but perspective and even our experience too.

So having understood the challenge in creating the habit and feeling the benefits in overcoming that challenge – I thought it’d be helpful to get the ball rolling for others and have a month of gratitude. I figure if we have time for social media we have time for active gratitude, so over on my blog’s Instagram @daretolivesos I’m going to have 31 days of gratitude for the month of August, with the hashtag #daretobegrateful

They say it takes 21days to form a habit so if you get involved in this too, it could be a really positive start in cultivating a grateful outlook.

I’d love to see what others are grateful for and see the gratitude spreading, so if you want to follow and be part of it, just use the hashtag when you post daily and we’ll be able to see a beautiful collection of gratitude building day by day