Another Ordinary Day

Examine for a moment an ordinary mind on an ordinary day. 

(Virginia Woolf)

Have your days sometimes gone totally differently to how you wanted them to?

Did you eat more than you normally allow yourself, or not enough?

Did you ever feel you are not getting anywhere?

Did you get rid of food, or take laxatives?

Did you feel that you have to exercise after you ate every apple?

Are you sick and tired of your Eating Distress?

Yes, fantastic! Let me remind you that you are going through recovery and these feelings are very common; at least you are not living in denial. You are facing reality. Sometimes we need to be sick of the sickness in order to get better.

Today is a new day, yesterday is gone and never comes back, and you cannot change this fact, even if you were the most powerful person on this world. If you worry about not handling yesterday the way you wished, you have a good chance of destroying today as well.

From the minute you open your eyes you need to remind yourself that today is another day – another chance to enjoy life more.

The golden rule of recovery is to never give up – and never look back. We can waste all our energy on the past and never notice the present.

You are starting again with the knowledge that you will reach your goal. Each time you have “bad days” you have to learn not to bring them to the present to relive them.

The past is for learning; the future is for looking forward to and the present is for living. You will succeed in the end.

Affirmation for Today: It’s wonderful to be ordinary:)

From ‘Recovery Now’