Written by Classmate

Sometimes I hear sufferers ask for little tips on how to stay motivated for recovery. I used to be forever asking! I opened my iPad on the bus and saw the little row of stickers on the top that I had been given in two different workshops in Marino. A few years back! When I see the stickers I always think of my freedom. It always pulls me to that little room in Drumcondra.

I like anchors because they can’t help but make us think of recovery or whatever else we want to remember. Don’t think of the pink recovery elephant. I said DON’T think of the pink recovery elephant. Hehe, see?

So from my experience, may I suggest you collect some anchors and dot them around.

I particularly like the anchors given to me by someone associated with recovery. But honestly anything works. I stuck quotes on my walls. I hung a little styrofoam egg in the car that I got in an Easter group that was celebrating change. My wallet had a baby wrist band (from a maternity hospital) to remind me that I want to be able to have a baby (still the dream!!). I have stickers stuck on such random things. Someone gave me little travel worry dolls when I was going to live in America and they live in my wallet. I got a little teddy in group once and he lived in my handbag for almost a year. I took him on college placements when the panic attacks were bad. There are so many more anchors I used but I just can’t think of them right now.

One anchor was a shell that X gave me, and after a year I had no idea what its significance was. All I knew was that it had some other bigger meaning haha. It didn’t matter though, it still anchored me to freedom. So don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be intellectual or deep. The shell meant recovery. Simple.

I like anchors is because it’s “easy” to be all motivated and excited for recovery while sitting in marino. Then you leave and it’s like the negativity comes crashing in. So we need as many reminders as possible!

You’re not alone… ­čÖé