worries plane

An Aeroplane Full of Worries

Worries is similar to stirring up dirty water. You only keep the water dirty. Stirring it up doesn’t make the water clean.

How often do you worry about something? Is it a nice feeling when you worry? Does your worry ever solve any problems? Does your worry about money ever pay any bills? Does your worry about what people think about you make anybody like you more?

People with Eating Distress worry obsessively. Even if they have nothing to worry about, they worry about that.

Worry gives us something to do but it does not get us anywhere. Worry takes a lot of energy from us. When we learn not to worry, we will have more energy to care – care about ourselves and other people.

Today, practise an exercise for eliminating worry from your mind. All you need is something to worry about, closed eyes, a comfortable position, and a willingness to use your imagination. Think for a couple of seconds on your worries. Name them and clarify them. Then imagine you are sitting at the airport in the cargo department. You see a lot of different parcels around. Visualise yourself walking around these big parcels and writing the names of your worries on them. Imagine that all your worries are wrapped in these parcels, that they cannot affect you anymore. Now you see a plane coming and taking all your worries safely away. You can even wave them goodbye. If you repeat this visualisation several times, you will discover that you have the power to be a worry-free person.

Enjoy your worry-free day:):):)