Body Realisation Day


How often do we think about falling in love with the body we have?

Sometimes? All the time? Never?

Sadly we waste immense amounts of energy being preoccupied with our body’s imperfections, and how inferior we are compared to others that appear to have faultless bodies and wonderful lives to go with them. We’re so sure that life would be much better if we could change this or that, make things smaller, prettier, tighter, more desirable…and where does it get us? This body is given to us for life and there is nothing we can do about it. Wishing our lives away will never give us our neighbour’s or our colleague’s body we will always will have our own. People without Eating Distress have a naturally built in reflex of loving their bodies and it’s a reflex that they experience almost subconsciously every day.

How strong is your inbuilt self-love reflex?

Yes, now it is the time to build up a new relationship with your body. You have been given the most finely tuned machine on the planet not an obstacle to be overcome; but something amazing to be enjoyed for your entire life.

Today will be body realisation day.

Recognise the fact that your body is a basic part of who you are. And in order to change your existing relationship with it and turn it into a positive one you need to work in many different ways.

The first thing you need to do is to pay attention to your physical needs hunger, pain, and tiredness…Then it’s time to start feeling some appreciation for what you’ve got. Your body provides many wonderful sensations of which you are not always fully aware.

When you master these first two positive steps it will be much easier to accept your body and then, naturally, fall in love with it. Give yourself plenty of time to achieve this. Instead of constantly dreaming of how great life would be if you had a different body, it’s time to discover how it is to live happily in the one you have.