My Action Plan For Summer


Written by Blue Iris Angel

The summer is something that has been scaring me for a while and I knew it was approaching. All the things that other people looked forward to like the hot days, barbecues, day trips, time off, no routine, 3 months holidays all terrified me. I know the summer is a great time to work on my recovery because I have so much time to dedicate to it. I can get so much valuable work done with my free time that will set me up for the year ahead in September. My fear was holding me back from seeing the potential the summer has. I wrote 2 lists to help me with an action plan for the summer here they are:
What I want to have achieved by the end of summer:
sustainable nourishment for myself
more comfortable in myself
more comfortable with rest or relaxation time
focus more on the present moment, not worrying unnecessarily about the future
have more spontaneity
have more enjoyment and flexibility around nourishment
build more trust with myself, my treasure box and those around me
start every day fresh and well by choice regardless of what happened yesterday or what lies ahead
support my recovery more and feel self supported
talk with words that make me feel good subconsciously/ more fluency in the language of freedom
have used the summer for recovery and not run away from myself
enjoy routine, enjoy free time but not depend on either
not worrying or be pre occupied by food thoughts
have good recovery habits and enjoy practicing them
 journal and work on my recovery because I want to and not make it feel like a chore
be able to accept it if I am wrong
not always try to prove I’m right
be able to let things go
make decisions, not sitting on the fence
accepting it if things don’t work out and making new decisions based on this with NO GUILT
not jumping to conclusions all the time, it takes many bricks to build a house
to trust my gut
using my creativity to work with what I have and not wish my life away
feel more comfortable giving myself credit and do it often because I enjoy it
use my observation for the good in life and the world around me
not shutting out all negativity and triggers, acknowledging they are there but not dwelling on it and not let it affect me as much
to have more integrity
to be able to say “I’m good” to people and mean it
to be authentic and truthful with myself and others
 to see the good in my life
to see that happiness comes from my perspective on what I have
to be more happy knowing I don’t have everything I ever wanted and never will
to know that I am not the best at everything I do but try never the less at everything I can and be grateful for what opportunities I have
to be ok with what I blend in for and what I stand out for
not try to fill up every day with plans
to be ok with doing nothing some days
no worry able up have no to make choices, trust in my judgment and let options be my friend
to know what my values are and let them help me make my decisions
to feel comfortable, yet hopeful in where I am, knowing things are improving but being grateful for what I have in that moment
to appreciate all my treasure box does for me
not think I am a mind reader and know what others are thinking
not worry others unnecessarily
not scare myself with false theories
express what I am feeling constructively instead of destructively
enjoy every day as if it were the best even if it doesn’t go to plan
let go of my rule book
be set up for the year ahead of me
be prepared for whatever life throws at me with my recovery toolbox
know that all I need to control is my thinking, the rest of the world can sort itself out fine without me
be able to sit down and watch a movie
use conditions determination to my advantage for recovery
have a life with less restrictions
ask more questions
be myself all the time and not a social chameleon
show others how to treat me by treating myself how I would like to be
not talk negatively about myself
live every day as a gift
see and use my power over how I feel
look back on the summer with a good path set ahead of me and proud of what I have achieved
And most importantly: not beat myself up for any of these I haven’t reached by September. Ask myself why I haven’t reached them yet. Do I need more time? Do I need more practice? Do I need a change of strategy? And never judge or beat myself up for what I still need to work on.
“Even miracles take a little time” -Fairy Godmother, Cinderella.
How I am going to achieve these goals:
nourish mechanically
tell the truth
choose to trust careers and the process
journal how I am feeling and daily
chose to not be a victim
choose to do things I enjoy and that make me feel good
nourish my brain with green thoughts and positive affirmations
look over my notes and realisations
regularly go over my values
focus on every day as it comes
choose to let others help me
choose to ask for help
take on suggestions
be open about what I find challenging
speak kindly to myself and my treasure box
be compassionate to my treasure box
be curious not fearful of feelings
give my treasure box what it asks for (sleep, rest, water, food, pain relief)
listen to what my body is telling me. Do I need to sleep? Do I need some time in the shade?
nourish respectfully, how my body wants to be fed, with regularity and density
make promises to myself and my treasure box AND keep them
read over my vows to my treasure box
read over my action plan
support myself in ways that help me
not make excuses and be open about what I find challenging
make gratitude lists and credit lists
be grateful for the time I have to work on recovery
approach each day with optimism not fear
question the story I’m telling myself
let go of what is holding me back
go to group and sessions
walk the talk 
try things that terrify me
God put the greatest things in life beyond fear”  Will Smith
Blue Iris Angel