Condition’s Statement – If I just….

Written by Shanah

I was looking in the mirror after a shower today and I experienced a typical thought: “If I just lost a few pounds in my thighs..” which I quickly brushed off before looking at my body at various angles and taking this thought seriously.

But then I did think about it and it occurred to me that I use the phrase “If I just” to proceed a number of conditional statements about my self-worth and happiness.
“If I just have a girlfriend, I will be happier.”
“If I just had slimmer legs, I would feel better.”
“If I just, if I just, if I just.”
If I just is a condition on your happiness. Your condition wants you to believe that “if I just” whatever the ridiculous rule is, you’ll be okay.  But this is not helpful.  Condition won’t be satisfied if you lose 5 pounds or get into a relationship.  Condition doesn’t want you to know that you actually can be happy without any of these conditionals because if you did, you wouldn’t have condition anymore.
Well you know what, condition?
I can be happy without a girlfriend.
I can be happy without slimmer legs.
I can be happy, no conditionals, no ifs or buts, I can be happy 🙂
Shanah 🙂