16 Lessons Learned in 2016

Written by Ellen

  1. It’s all about patience and perseverance – things will make more sense as you go along 
  2. You really don’t have to believe everything you think 
  3. I am very sensitive (to things that I may not have even noticed were affecting me) especially to my physical environment and the moods of others around me 
  4. Honesty is the only way to move forward (particularly self honesty. Scary but so liberating!)
  5. Your body can be trusted but needs to be respected (when you look after it, it will look after you)
  6. It’s so okay to take time out to do ‘nothing’ (because doing nothing lets you recharge)
  7. Learning to ground myself (deep breaths, fresh air, using my senses) has gotten me through a lot of moments that would have previously overwhelmed me 
  8. This is a tough environment to recover in – lots of outside pressure – so learning to switch off from the noise is very helpful. I’ve deleted facebook from my phone several times!
  9. It’s okay to feel different – in fact, value that uniqueness because it’s what makes you you. When you find people that appreciate it, hold onto them!
  10. No one can tell you what path is right for you – going along with someone else’s vision of success will make you feel empty. Creating your own definition of success is so empowering 
  11. Always forgive and be kind (especially to yourself). You are only a human and this is probably all new. No mistakes, just learning experiences!
  12. Creating firm boundaries and having self respect makes you happier and more respected, not demanding. 
  13. Taking time to enjoy the moment and not living your life in the past/future makes for a much more fun time 
  14. There’s always room for lightness and humour 🙂
  15. Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know’ Don’t get caught up in the why’s, just focus on what I can do right now
  16. Recovery is just wonderful. Keep going 🙂