From the plane…

Written by Tiger-Lily

I’d like to share a recent trip I made that I never thought would ever be possible. I’m typing this on a plane (!!!) back from Edinburgh. (I’m not going to minimise it and say it was only Edinburgh because to fly anywhere is an achievement for me!) 

I went for two nights to Edinburgh with my mam and it was my first time out of Ireland in 7 years. Due to the condition’s restrictive rules I deprived myself of being able to go anywhere because I was so afraid of getting out of my comfort zone (and because I had to bring pretty much the whole contents of my house “in case” because yeno people live in prehistoric times and don’t have food/cooking utensils/ cleaning supplies/ pillowcases etc But back to the point. I never believed I’d be able to travel on a plane because 1)I’d need a whole plane for everything, 2)how would I cope in another country and 3)fear, fear, fear…

I love Ireland and I thoroughly believe in the importance of travelling and learning about one’s own country before running off to see the rest of the world because it’s the “in” thing to do. But for once I wanted to challenge myself to something different. After doing care work and many more one to ones (no comparing with timing…) I thought: I can do this, no, I also want to do this. I wanted to put my recovery work into action. So I went to Edinburgh and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I used to hate not having a plan, I especially hated having plans changed last minute. But on this trip I reassured myself and I continuously asked what would a free person do? When we arrived our apartment wasn’t ready until after lunchtime and usually I would panic : I had planned to be there and make lunch and refresh myself but that wasn’t an option. So we went out and found somewhere. And it was lovely. And I survived. And believe me, that used to be a huge deal…but now it’s not and it actually felt OK. I was calm and there didn’t have to be a big drama. My mam didn’t throw a party and run out to buy party poppers to celebrate and I didn’t break down in tears. We just enjoyed the atmosphere and the nourishing food. It can be simple or it can be dramatic but I chose the former! 

It was a lovely trip and I felt I had the energy and the concentration to explore and enjoy our time there – the architecture, the environment, the museums and atmosphere were wonderful and I’m so grateful I was able to go. Condition just wasn’t apart of the time there and I want more of that at home now, and I will make that happen!

So to anyone like me who never bought they’d see outside our lovely green country – it is 100% possible and 100% enjoyable:)